School Counselling Program

Counselling Service

The Centacare School Counselling Service currently has a school counsellor at St Gabriel’s on-site every Wednesday.  

Centacare’s school counsellors work together in respectful partnerships with students, teachers, and parents with the aim of enhancing students’ social and emotional wellbeing, empowering and building on individual strengths. Counselling is child-focused and informed by the needs, goals, and developmental stage of each child.

It is a voluntary process that can take place individually, together with the family, or with small groups of students. The service offers support, information, or referral for a whole range of issues that may impact a student’s wellbeing such as anxiety / depression, social skills development, grief and loss, family issues, friendships, abuse amongst others. 


School Counsellors work with the understanding that children, young people and their families have a right to confidentiality and privacy.  A student’s right to confidentiality is paramount except where the student’s safety is of concern.

School Counsellors are legally required to report suspected child abuse or neglect, intentions of harm to others or self, or any threats to safety or life. 

Privacy and Security of Personal Information:

School Counsellors are committed to the protection and security of all personal information collected during the counselling process.  Strict guidelines ensure that information received is used only for the purpose for which it was intended.


Any counselling with a student is done so with their consent, and for reception to year 3, parent consent is also necessary prior to support commencing.

Referral Process:

Referrals to the School Counsellor can be made by students, parents, teachers or school staff by completing the referral form and providing it to the class teacher, at the front office or by emailing the School Counsellor direct. 

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