Our school uniform is a visual symbol to the people in our community of whom we are and where we come from.

When the school uniform is worn it reflects on the child personally, their family and St Gabriel’s School in the manner it is worn.

We encourage all students to wear the correct items of the uniform and ask parents to be supportive of this in the way children are dressed for school each day. Correct school uniform should be worn to and from school each day.

In Terms 1 and 4, the summer uniform is worn. Winter uniform is worn in Terms 2 and 3.

Each class teacher nominates a day of the week that sports uniform may be worn.

The uniform shop is now located onsite. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:45 - 9:15. Alternatively you can ring the office and arrange for an item to be sent home with your child.

Summer - Terms 1 and 4

  • Blue regulation check dress with collar and short sleeves
  • Medium blue short or long sleeved shirt logo
  • Grey shorts
  • Navy blue zip jacket with logo
  • White socks with dress
  • Grey socks with shorts 
  • Black lace up shoes - flat heels
  • Blue ribbon or scrunchies
  • Hair clips - blue/neutral brown

Winter - Terms 2 and 3

  • Blue regulation check pinafore/skirt
  • Navy blue zip jacket with logo
  • Navy blue trousers
  • Grey shorts or long grey mélange trousers 
  • Medium blue long sleeved shirt with logo 
  • Nacy socks or tights with pinafore
  • Grey socls with shorts/trousers
  • Black lace up shoes - flat heels
  • Blue ribbons or scrunchies 
  • Hair clips - blue/neutral brown

Sport uniform - Girls and boys

  • Navy blue sports shorts with logo 
  • Navy/red polo shirt with logo
  • Navy blue track pants with log
  • White socks or striped sock from Uniform Shop 
  • Predominantly white sneakers 

Hats, bags and accessories

  • Hats are reversible in Navy/House colour
  • Navy beanie with logo 
  • School back packs with logo are available

School Bags are optional. 

All uniform items are to be clearly labeled with student’s name.

Hair, make-up and jewelry

The school discourages the wearing of jewelry as it can be hazardous during playtime and physical education lessons.

The school does allow for the wearing of plain silver or gold studs (one in each ear) and watches as part of the school uniform.

Students are permitted to wear a chain with a small Religious Symbol around their neck, please ensure students are able to tuck the symbol inside of their shirt collar to ensure the safety of this item.

Students are permitted to wear medical alert bracelets.

Students must have their hair tied back off their face. Hair that is longer than collar length must be secured back with a tie. Extreme haircuts and colours are not permitted.

The wearing of make-up or nail polish is not allowed.


Any breaches of our uniform policy will be communicated to parents with immediate action expected to comply with the uniform policy.