Intervention Programs


Teachers work closely with our students to ensure they are retaining the code that they need to progress through to fluent readers and strong spellers.  

From Reception to Year 2 students are assessed with individual student records logged by their teacher, CESA has a standard Year 1 Phonics screening which is also completed for all students.

While assessing a student they may feel that one of MultiLit's intervention programs would firm up their knowledge, MiniLit is the first program OLOG uses.

With parent consent, students work with our education support officers and teachers in daily sessions to increase their knowledge.  Four group sessions per week (groups of 3 to 4 students) and then a one-on-one session per week is our minimum. 

Explicit instruction, highly trained educators, science based education programs are all keys to ensuring students have the five keys to reading.


While MacqLit is specifically targeted at Year 3 and above students, it is ideal for those students who are progressing slowly.

Teachers at Our Lady of Grace School assess students and know the areas they need to focus on in MacqLit with systematic and explicit reading intervention.

Students work in small groups daily at least four times per week, they will also receive a one-on-one lesson with a teacher or education support officer.