Principal's Welcome


We are a welcoming Catholic primary school providing a caring community for approximately 300 students and their families. We have served the families of the local area and surrounding suburbs for the past 70 years and we cherish the rich diversity of the 29 different cultural backgrounds of our families. As a staff, we recognise the importance of our partnership with parents and caregivers as it is through the strength of this partnership that our students will flourish.

Animated by our Catholic Faith and inspired by the work of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart who were founded in France 150 years ago, it is our mission to show our students the love of God. We are part of the Clearview Kilburn Catholic Parish.  

St Gabriel’s is a school where “the education of the heart is at the heart of our education”. Our students are at the heart of our work and our staff start by building positive relationships with them. We support the emotional and social needs of our students to nurture our student’s self-confidence. Building upon the relationships and growth in confidence, we engage the students to develop a love of learning, through meaningful, challenging key learning experiences across the curriculum. To prepare our students for their future we teach them ways of thinking (creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making), tools for working (information and ICT literacy) and ways of working (communication and collaboration). We take pride in the success of our students in their journey beyond St Gabriel’s.

Together with the staff, I look forward to supporting you as the first educator of your child in nurturing and developing them to be a faithful young person, successful learner, able to encounter life to the full - in all its personal, religious, political, ecological and cultural richness at and beyond school.

Mark Simpson