Catholic Identity

Catholic Education

St Gabriel’s School is proudly a Catholic school. This means that our school supports the teachings and ethos of the Catholic Church and is based on the values of the Catholic faith.

Our school has a rich heritage and is built on the strong faith foundations passed on through the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Building on this heritage, we aim to prepare the students in our care for their future by assisting them to know God and to nurture their relationship with God.

The support of parents is essential in this task. By choosing to educate your child in a Catholic school, you are choosing to accept the values, morals and teachings upon which our school is based. In our school, opportunities are provided for children to develop their faith through Religion lessons, celebrations, prayer and liturgies. Students are also given the opportunity to celebrate their faith as part of the Clearview Kilburn Parish Community.

The greatest support of Catholic Education comes from within the family itself. Children will grow up with the morals, respect and practices regularly modelled to them within the family. Prayer and Mass attendance play an important role in developing healthy faith practices.

Vision Statement

We are faith-filled heart people,
who value relationships,
pursue excellence in learning,
living the gospel message of love.