School Board

The school board is the key body that undertakes the stewardship and management of St Gabriel’s School.

The board’s membership includes parish priest, principal, elected members of the school community, staff representatives and other appointed members as determined by the school board.

Election of members takes place at the school annual community meeting held at the beginning of each year.

Chairperson and office bearers are decided by the school board as required.

The school board undertakes representative, advisory, governing and decision making roles on behalf of the whole school community.

Board Members 2022

Chair: Andrew Aldridge

Principal: Sean Hill:

APRIM: Bernie Meixner

APRIM: Karla Sparapani


Board Members:

Simone Stillitano (Community Group Chair)

Micaela Callipari

Suzanne Thompson

Fr. Selva Raj

Dieu Nguyen

Anna Vial